The Black American Artists’ Alliance of Richmond is committed to nurturing the artistic development of professional Black American artists and defining Black American art.  

We are dedicated to:

1.  Creating Black American art and the evolution of the Black American aesthetic,

2.  Advancing the philosophy that Black American art is a legitimate genre and distinct                  cultural phenomenon,

3.  The conviction that “Black American art” can be created by anyone who genuinely                    expresses the ethos of Black American culture.

4.  Promoting the inclusion of Black artists and art in corporate and museum                                    collections.

Our objectives are to:

1.     Function as a unified group of artists encouraging one another to create 

2.     Preserve the integrity of Black American art in its creation and                                                         replication.

3.     Be a resource for information regarding the acquisition of Black art.

4.     Assure fair representation in the market place  

5.     Financially support Black American artists and the art they create.